This blog is named as a bit of a joke, the idea first came to me with my sister saying “you should write a book for posh people of Adelaide” what she meant was that I love wine, craft beer, cheese, walks and Coffee!! I love coffee and have dreams of hunting out all the best coffee shops to write my amazing novels, just like JK Rowling (well I think that dream is as wonderful but as unlikely as my letter to Hogwarts arriving by owl this week).

A little about me: I am a 20-something working full-time, living at home and saving for a house and as many trips away as I can afford, unfortunately not that many. Which is why I started wine tasting – it’s something free to do in Adelaide and can take up a whole day, plus I get wine.

My partner seems to be just as interested in these outings as me, we both enjoy a day where we head off hiking in the morning and then reward ourselves with a wine tasting come the afternoon.

This blog is going to be part cheap fun things to do in Adelaide, part the trials and tribulations of house buying in this market, part anything else that pops into my head and maybe even a short story thrown in here and there. I hope you enjoy, if you do feel free to comment and if you don’t well then don’t feel free (whatever that means).


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