Hike-in at Deep Creek

After originally booking this camp for the October long weekend, where Adelaide and surrounding suburbs flooded, the lovely people at National Parks SA allowed me to reschedule to another night. Last weekend ended up being the chosen weekend and  how did I manage to get lucky enough to go hiking on the first weekend with out much rain in months. My partner and I have loved camping for the last few years and at this stage we can pack for a few nights camping in about an hour.


Trails around the campsite

As we started the hike it opened up into a large field full of bright yellow flowers and packed full of kangaroos. I had never seen this many Kangaroos in one spot in my life and it was quite daunting. While Kangaroos are not often aggressive, we were not prepared to take a chance and take the set path through the middle of the pack of kangaroos, especially as there were so many joeys which in turn means protective mums and dads. We did not realise that the detour around the hill mean that we took the wrong path and therefore ended up hiking double what we should have.

The site of Eagle Watering hole felt magical, it was a glade full of lilies and a partial island where the stream split in two. We were the first to arrive at the camp site so of course we took the island for ourselves and arriving after 3pm I had a small hope that we would have the campsite to ourselves but it was not to be. As there was time available we made the hike down to the beach, a 5.5km round trip which followed the creek down to the beach and included quite a hike up and down the near cliff face.
This has really made me remember how much hike-in camping is fun and challenging and just how much I loved the planning and completing of a 4 night hike. Trust me to figure this out right on the cusp of fire ban season where a lot of hike-in campsites are no longer bookable due to fire safety reasons. This means a 6 month wait until we can pick up that style of camping again, but on a positive the next six months of camping will end up being Glamping, with the ability to pack a lot of extra items to make camping much more comfortable. Stay tuned for Glamping take 1 of the season in only a few weeks time we will be trying out camping at Mt Remarkable, a first for both my partner and I.

Wine/camping tip : I always find red wine to be a warming drink and as such, with the cold weather we are getting at night I managed to sneak a bottle into my bag, which my partner was quite grateful for.
Wine tip 2 :  swirling the wine is an important part of tasting the wine. Not only does it aerate the wine but give you a hint to the alcohol content. If the little streams cling to the glass longer it often means a higher alcohol content and that they have a larger, riper flavour.

2 thoughts on “Hike-in at Deep Creek

  1. Deep Creek is definitely one of my favourite spots. I’ve camped/hiked there a few times. When my Mum came to visit, we stayed at Southern Ocean Retreats. Recommended if you’d like somebody to experience Deep Creek without the camping (Mum’s not a camper, that’s for sure).


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