Cape Town Memories

With the super crappy weather in Adelaide over the last month I have been spending a lot of time inside. The torrential rain and cold cyclone means there really hasn’t been too many options to go outside. To combat the down you feel when being stuck inside I have been doing a lot of remembering previous happy times. 

One that really stuck out, possibly because it is easy to have a similar experience here, were the wineries we visited in Cape Town.

Arriving in Capetown came at exactly the right time for me as we had lived in Berlin for two years and I was starting to get a bit homesick. Cape town cured me for a while as the weather, the open space and even the accent was similar, quite often we got mistaken for South African. These similarities made me feel like I was taking a breather and had returned home for a short trip. Part of what made this feeling of being home so real was that we were Couch-Surfing and ended up staying with Michael and his family. Michael was a uni student and loved to live like a tourist in his own town, this meant he had a lot of free time and was excited to go with us and show us around Cape Town.


Wine was not an interest of mine before arriving in Cape Town but as the wine region is so well known we had to go try it out.  The tastings are paid but are only $2 or $3 and you get a whole experience out of it, plus the guilt of leaving a winery without purchasing a bottle does not happen with this system. We were sat outside on the balcony and got given a list where we got to chose 6 wines each, these were then brought out on tasting plates with some information on each wine and in the order you should taste them.

This was the place I really started to appreciate wine and I think it was mainly due to the experience of wine tasting rather than just wine drinking. Prior to this beer had been my drink of choice.


Cape town is a fantastic city to visit even if you aren’t interested in wine. Some of the amazing places we visited include climbing lions head and table mountain and then boulder bashing our way down, swimming in little known streams between two mountains where you have to park on the side of the road (no signs) and climb down thick Fynbos to find them. The animals are special to this area with the constant reminders to make sure your cars are locked as the baboons in this area have learned how to open unlocked doors and the ability to swim with penguins at boulders beach .  Cape Town is truly one of my favourite Cities to visit.


The truthful sign at the top of Table Mountain 


Wine Tip : a lot of wineries sell products other than wine, I have come across gin, beer, cider, cheeses, olives and whisky. This means there is really something for everyone you just have to do a bit more research and then you can satisfy even the non wine drinkers


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