Yangarra Members Made Event

Due to family commitments this past weekend was taken up with events, which gives me the perfect opportunity to share one of my favourite days of the last year – the Yangarra Members Made Grenache event. 14375164_10155145357238238_1092672914_o

Yangarra is one of my favourite wineries and with it being names Halliday winery of the year for 2015 it is obviously a favourites for quite a few people. The first time I was at Yangarra I signed up for their emails. They email quite infrequently, but what they email are events only open to people on their mailing list. My partner and I are mainly interested in experiences we can do together and when this popped up I knew it was ideal for a Valentines gift. The Price tag was more than I would be willing to pay for a normal weekend but it was a whole day experience and I don’t often get the chance to wander through the entire winery, including where the vats are.


The Ceramic Eggs


The day started with a welcoming coffee (they had a proper machine and Barista’s  to make it)  before we headed out to the 80 year old grenache vines, bright and early with fog still hanging over the hills. The group, of about 60 people, spent the next 2 hours picking the grapes. This was when my partner started questioning what I had signed him up for. It did get a bit tiresome by the end of it but in those two hours we managed to finishing picking all of the old grenache vines. Our immediate reward was a glass of the 2015 Old Vine Grenache and a muffin, I think this was the earliest I have started drinking, but a 9am start went down very well.
Brunch was buffet style, of course served with more wine and was held outside with the back drop of their wine barrels stacked 5 high and a view over the vineyard.  The children and some adults had a go at stomping the grapes, there were also tours running.


The haul for the day 

If you are starting to get a bit bored of the normal winery experience this would be a great event to go to. I will have an update once the 2016 Members Made Grenache is ready to purchase, a wine only available to the people that attended the Members Made event.

Wine tasting tip: place your hand over the top of the glass when you swirl it, this traps the scent and allows you the full bouquet of the wine before you even taste it.

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