Central Market picnic and Hahndorf brunch

A central Markets picnic and a trip to Hahndorf were the highlights of this weekend, trying to make the most of the rare sunny weather we had the weekend just gone.

14203524_10155092102753238_429338904_oZeds cafe was the main reason for braving the crowds on Saturday at the Central Markets. The Central Markets are an Adelaide staple when you want to spend a lot of money on groceries and love every minute of it. In that spirit my partner and I wanted to have a picnic with items we bought at the markets. It would have cost us about $20 to buy the sandwiches already made so that was our budget for this challenge. Two bread rolls at $2.50 each, 150gms of chili, capsicum and cashew dip at $4.50, Pecorino cheese and Porcheta (cold meats) rounding out the $20 budget at about $5 each for 100gms. We managed to come in on budget but only because we managed to “borrow” a plastic spoon, from a coffee store, to spread the dip. We ended up eating our picnic in Victoria Square, only a few minutes walk from the central markets14233807_10155098786153238_1227953114_o


Sunday was spent in the Hahndorf, with breakfast at the Haus. We specifically went for breakfast as  the cost of breakfast is on par with many other restaurants but lunch and dinner menus are considerably more. The food was quite good and has a large menu so everyone will have something they like.The coffee was good without being great, it is not  a place I would go specifically for coffee.14233380_10155092103453238_1580973046_o


Hahndorf is a great town in the hills that has everything going for it, but that means it is full of tourists. Hahndorf has German character,  wineries, great food, breweries and specialty shops all on the main street, this means it is too easy to while away an entire day just on the main street. I am especially fond of the candle stores (the only candles I have found that melt outwards and can create art while they burn).

Wine Tasting Tip : Dont rule out any varietal, for such a long time I ruled out Chardonnay but I did keep trying it at wineries and eventually figured out it’s just the new style of Chardonnay that I am not a fan of but that I love the oaked style. this is something I would not have realised if I had not kept trying most varietals.


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