Hiking around Adelaide

The last few weekends have been quite gluttonous what with plenty of wineries, an abundance of food and not much exercise at all. To counter balance this (for one weekend at least) my partner and I went on three different hikes around Adelaide.
To raise the energy levels and prepare for this fitness filled weekend coffees were needed, and there is no better place on a sunny Saturday morning than Espresso Royal, a small cafe on Magill rd. Espresso Royal has some of the best coffee I have found in Adelaide, the coffee has a delightful smokey flavour to it and a double shot does not need any sugar, there is a garden area out the back and their breakfast roll is the prefect hangover cure. I am a fan of locally owned business and this is one that is locally owned, great product and has lovely staff.
The first hike, Giles Conservation hike, was not the best start as we got turned around and ended up back at the beginning, having cut out the majority of the hike. The wild flowers are currently out which means plenty of yellows, pinks, reds and whites peppered amongst the multitude shades of green. This hike would have a high possibility of seeing native animals, in the first few minutes we saw three koalas. If you are just starting out at hiking, Giles Conservation is great practice. Do be warned that this hike is quite steep in parts and it is quite easy to get turned around on this hike (as my partner and I found out), this is a harder hike but it is stunning, especially now. The weather is also ideal for steeper longer hikes, as it is a bit cooler you are less likely to overheat, dehydrate and come across snakes.


wild flowers of Giles Conservation park

Horsnell Gully was the second hike of the day, after being coped up inside with bad weather, the sun setting so early still and full time work, only an hour in nature this weekend just wasn’t enough to satisfy me so one of my favourite mainly flat walks was chosen to help out. Horsnell Gully is a walk that is stunningly Australian no matter what time of the year and it can be easily adapted to time restraints, this weekend we had already done steep inclines so we decided to keep to the flat in Horsnell Gully which is still a stunning hour long return walk. One of the main draws of this walk is that you are right on the edge of the creek most of the time, there is also a section where you can climb up the waterfall but to continue that walk means you will be in Horsnell Gully for about 3 hours.


entrance to Horsnell Gully 

As I am in the hills and my partner lives at the beach I am lucky enough to get the best of both worlds and finished off the weekend with a seal sighting and a sunset that would be the envy of all other sunsets. I was surprised to find a seal warming itself in the shallow waters at West Beach, while I occasionally see dolphins I had never seen a seal that close to shore before. There seemed to be a few people worried about it but an animal information hotline was called and everyone was reassured that this is normal behaviour at this time of year.
Wine Tip : if you do end up liking a winery, sign up for their online mailing list. There are always good deals to be found, museum releases and events happening at wineries. Quite often numbers fill up just with people wanting to join from their mailing list – so these events don’t get publicly advertised. Around Adelaide I know there are quite often special Sunday sessions, with music and food, Porchetta Parties (I really have to try this one out) and some wineries come together and hold a sale day of back vintages or just some wines that aren’t quite selling as well as they want. I have got a case of wine for $50 purely because the type of wine (verdelho) isn’t widely recognised in South Australia but the wine was very good for the price and we got to taste it beforehand so we knew we weren’t buying cheap and nasty wine.

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