Longview and the best pies in Adelaide

The ridiculously cold snap in Adelaide over the weekend could only be broken by the warmth of a beautiful red wine and Pie. The winery of choice was Longview vineyard, but the weekend started with brunch at Butterfingers, a small bakery/cafe on Melbourne st.

Butterfingers is well known for their pies and they have most definitely earned it. Brunch consisted of 18 hour slow cooked Lamb pie where the meat  was both generous and delicious and the crust buttery and crispy, if you don’t like pie you just haven’t tried the ones from Butterfingers yet.The coffee is quite good, my double shot only needed a little sugar to take the edge off of the bitterness. If you want fantastic quality at a low price Butterfingers is a great choice for lunch with Pies and Coffee about $15.

Longview Vineyard

Longview winery is a bit more funky than most but still holds its own in class, they hold an annual street art contest with the winner being the artwork for their “the Piece Shiraz” for that year, along with annually selling out in the Winter Reds festival on their BBQ and Blues night.

My partner was much more into the whites than I was, although the Savignon Blanc was a nice surprise as I find this wine normally to be to harsh for my palate but the Savignon Blanc at Longview was much smoother, less acidic but was still quite fruit driven. The Chardonnay was another note worthy wine, made in the new style but still had some time on french oak. This wine was my partners choice of the day but I thought it wasn’t quite good enough for the $40 price tag.

The reds of Longview did not disappoint with my favourite of the day being “Devils Elbow” Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine had subtle tannins  and lots of berry flavours but with staying ability to be cellared for and extra ten years, if you can keep away from it that long and only $27. We got lucky with the tasting as their prized “the Piece” Shiraz was open, this is the wine that celebrates street art, Longview is releasing the 2013 later this year.

Wine Tasting Tip: while sediment is mainly thought to be linked with the age of the wine, young wines will sometimes have sediment as well. This is due to the processes used to make the wine, whole bunch fermentation is a good example of this as the wine stays on the grapes longer.


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