Lost in the Adelaide Hills

A new wine bar has opened up in the little town of Uraidla, less than thirty minutes drive from Adelaide CBD – Lost in a Forest. This bar is well worth the visit, especially for the wood oven pizza, of which there are plenty of interesting and delicious options. Our choice for the night was the Bahn Mi pizza which initially sounds pretty confusing but comes together very well in the oven.

On arrival we were only asked ‘white or red?’ which instantly made me weary and feel like I was in a cheap  club where no one cares about the wine but boy was I wrong! There is a small selection of organic, bio-dynamic wine and sulfer free, there were only two reds and two whites open and they couldn’t have given you a bad wine they were all delicious. Lost in a Forest also serves mulled wine, a fantastic addition to any cold winter night (which we are having a lot of right now) along with the open wood fire outside to huddle around.

If you want to make a day in the hills, there is Mt Loft Botanic Gardens with plenty of walking trails to wander and it is only ten minutes drive from Lost in a Forest. This garden is made up of plenty of different areas including the rhododendron garden which last time I was there I just kept getting looped back around to. Take a picnic and  eat on the bank of the lake, hike through the gardens and then top off the day at Lost in a Forest.

Wine Tasting Tip : the  region the grapes are grown results in a different taste in the wine and this can be down to a different side of the same hill. An example of this are the three closest wine regions to Adelaide – Barossa, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. Shiraz tastes very different from each of these, Barossa is home to the big and bold Shiraz, Adelaide Hills have the complex and softer taste with the Mclaren Vale Shiraz being a comfortable easy to drink taste midway between Barossa and Adelaide hills.


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