McLaren Vale reds tour

If you like red wine, this tour is for you and another positive of this tour is that all the wineries are super close together, barely any driving.

First up is Samuel’s Gorge a small boutique winery that specialising in reds, they generally only have three or four wines open and all of them are reds and most single varietals. I have not tasted a wine at Samuel’s Gorge I haven’t liked, a favourite would be the Grenache, while I have found Grenache becoming popular by itself, Samuel’s Gorge has been producing this as a single varietal for a number of years ahead of the trend. This winery has a lovely, if small, outdoor area overlooking the Onkaparinga Gorge.


The wine Tasting Cottage of Coriole 

Coriole Vineyard is up second as by this stage I would need some sustenance and what better to have with wine than some gourmet olives, you might possibly already be familiar with Coriole olives as they are in plenty of restaurants around Adelaide and for god reason! there are also cheeses and crackers for sale in the tasting room. The wines at Coriole are lovely without being overly stand out, it is well worth it to go to as they have plenty of lesser known (in Australia) Varietals including their Fiano, Barbera, Chenin Blanc and Nero d’Avola.


Third stop of the day is a red drinkers paradise – Oliver’s Taranga, with quite a few icon and reserve wines to try. The tasting if these wines does cost extra as they are their premium wines but its well worth the extra $5 or $10.

d’Arenberg has been chosen for the last stop just in case by this stage you aren’t as tipsy or drunk as you want to be, there are plenty of wines to taste or if you have managed to get this far without getting tipsy and don’t want to get that way the staff are very knowledgeable and great to talk to about all of their wine, I have definitely learnt about wines here. I am saddened to say I haven’t tried out d’Arrys restaurant  but it is most definitely on my Adelaide to do list.


the odd finger art of d’Arenberg

Wine Tasting Tip :

taste on a weekday or at wineries that don’t accept busses to avoid the crowds, this is when you get the best service and advice – the professionals will be better at giving tips than me



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