Time away to appreciate the beers of Adelaide

There is always a lot to love about Adelaide the  relatively slow city, its beaches, hills and great wine regions to name a few but it easy to forget until you get away from it. A two-week trip to Japan was amazing, the cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo were fantastic overwhelming Metropolises but also made me feel grateful for the lesser populated Adelaide.

It did get me thinking where I would take people visiting Adelaide and of course that would depend on what they like to do, but for day one I am going to assume they love craft beer as much as I do.

The ideal craft beer tour would be to start at Grumpy’s (Hanhndorf), next to Prancing Pony (Mt Barker) and finishing up at the Wheatsheaf (Thebarton). There are quite  few more possibilities in the hills but I do not find their beers as flavorsome, Lobethal Beer house would be one of these I have found to be quite lacking with one of their best known beers “the Bruce” tasting better from the Wheatsheaf Hotel  than at the brewery. Barossa Valley Brewing is a place  I haven’t been back to in two years as I was so disappointed with the taste, that said I have heard they have won a few awards recently and have doubled their beer selection so this one may be worth a second visit. Goodieson Brewery is also found McLaren Vale and while the selection is small it is worth a visit this is my favourite of McLaren Vales Brewery’s but it would just be too far to drive to tack on to our one day tour.

Starting at Grumpy’s for a lunch of gourmet pizza such as the Mexican (a nachos like

nachos pizza

Nachos pizza at Grumpy’s

pizza) and  Zorba the Sheep (with succulent lambs leg) and while they don’t have a tasting plank for their beers sharing is a great way to taste most of the beers or you can just request a small taste they are normally quite happy to oblige.

Second on the list is Prancing Pony strategically chosen not to be matched with a meal as while the beer is fantastic the food is small and overpriced for what you get and I found their chips very greasy. My favourite beer the India Red Ale is well worth a try along with the Hopwork Orange, and since they have moved to the larger building the feeling is very relaxed both inside and out.


A fancy at the Wheaty

The last on the list, conveniently, is only five minutes out of the city and 40 mins drive from Prancing Pony, the Wheatsheaf. This Brewery is host to many live bands, fringe gigs and on Friday and Saturday nights  often has a food truck stationed outside. There is no restaurant in the Wheatsheaf so they have no problem with people bringing in food, I have often seen people get pizza delivered to the bar. They have a plenty of beers on tap but are known for only getting a few kegs and just changing over when they run out of one, ifs it popular within days it can run out and they don’t have any more.

Heading to the three of these Brewery’s will not only give you great beer but also fantastic food and a great day out.

Beer tasting tip of the week – keep an open mind when craft beer tasting as there are plenty of options for any taste, I don’t like stouts but I have found a few exceptions to the rule



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