Southern Boulder and a judgmental walk

Saturday morning was spent hiking the most judgemental of Adelaide hikes, Mt Lofty, and before you ask – no, I did not take a selfie at the top which for Adelaideans means I didn’t do the walk and should not be talking about it.


The unidentified animal

The hike up Mt Lofty is well worth its acclaim of beauty and fantastic views of the city which makes it a massive tourist attraction and how the fashionable people in Adelaide get fit. The wild life was out with a cute little potoroo or bettong or another type of small Australian animal milling around in front of second falls just waiting for me to take a photo of it.


Taylor’s coffee 

The morning was capped off with a double shot cappuccino at Taylors Blend, a common stop for cyclists, people with little dogs and mums. I like it due to its decent coffee (very good cold drip) and the relaxing outdoor area overlooking the oval. I find this to be one of my favourite coffee stores to chill outside for a few hours reading or with friends. This is how I like to spend the days where I have no money but I want to feel like I have done something with my weekend, $5 for a few hours of entertainment.

For all you wine lovers out there I wanted to talk about one of the most interesting wineries to visit in McLaren Vale – Magpie Springs also known as southern Boulder. This winery is a whole day experience if you like bouldering and wine drinking and at only $10 a person to climb for a day its one of the cheapest options of exercise in the whole of Adelaide, Magpie Springs also has an espresso machine rounding off the trifecta. For me their wines are not stand out but if you do spend a while there the coffee, bouldering and the vineyards. This is a great vineyard for families – there is most definitely something for everyone here.


Meandering at Magpie Springs 

Wine Tasting Tip : The spittoon is your best friend if you are heading to more than one winery and you actually want to remember the day, I know it is hard to throw away any wine and it took me a while to get used to, but it is worth it to still be able to taste the wine three or four wineries in.


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