Froth & Fodder and no funds

I may have overspent last weekend at Tskarke Winery so this weekend has been all about not spending much money at all. I started my non spending fantastically by heading out to brunch at Froth and Fodder, but it is important to maintain your social life. The food there seems to be quite standard for this kind of a restaurant I had smashed avocado with haloumi and rocket, this matched with a double shot cappuccino comes to less than $20. That said the coffee was quite nice, my standard of coffee is weather sugar needs to be added when I get a double shot – the coffee should be rich and smooth with a bit of bitterness to it, this coffee was slightly too bitter but did have a delightful smoked flavour too it.


Top of second falls, but not the fall

With all that money being spent – the no funds kicked in and the majority of the weekend was given over to lovely hikes and fitness. Morialta, my main stomping ground continued to impress, especially at sunset when the hills turn a vibrant red and the animals start to come out. A great distraction to the shortness of breath and the sore legs achieved when heading to the heights of second falls. The rains we have had recently means the waterfalls are starting to become noticeable rather than just wet rocks, but I am holding out for the middle of winter when the falls put on an amazing show.

The walk to first falls is mostly flat, takes only 30 minutes and suitable for most people and families. The hike to second falls is much steeper an takes over an hour, unless you are like my former fit self and jog it. It can be undertaken a number of ways and I of course like the easiest way, there is a quicker way but it is very steep and has only two view points – I feel bad for anyone coming up this way but the views at the top are worth it.


First Falls with wet rocks 


Wine drinkers don’t feel left out, I have a wine tip for you –

Wine tasting tip: a Red wine can always be made to taste better with a decanter, and decanters themselves do not need to be expensive. Mine was $6.25 from a second hand store, one of my best investments. Another pro is that if you buy a cheap red – decant it and no one even needs to see the bottle! Most people won’t know if they are drinking $15 or $50 wine


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