Beach, bus and Barossa

As I started last week with a walk and especially now that I have actually documented exercise I feel more pressure to keep up some semblance of being fit and healthy, or maybe its just my way of justifying the amount of wine drunk over the weekend – one 40 minute walk completely counteracts a weekend of  drinking, yes?


Henley Beach at low tide

This walk was from West Beach to Henley beach, at only 6 kms there and back its a nice leisurely flat walk with the possibility of seeing dolphins. Just my luck there were none to be seen, but that didn’t take away too much from the gorgeous day and stunning beach.

Stop two of the day was the bus to Barossa, one of South Australia’s most well-known wine regions, and if you love big bold reds, Barossa is the place to go. The day started at Whistler wines where an energetic and friendly woman served our group of 9. The wines were fine, I do like their Shiraz and she was kind enough to give us a taste of their 2015 shiraz and their estate Shiraz 2013 for a comparison.  Whistler wines would be a great place to take tourists as they foster abandoned kangaroos and you can get quite close to them, the wine tasting experience is lovely and they have a large outdoor area perfect for some cheeses and a glass of their wine.


Paint me like one of your French girls

Lunch was the next logical stop after a large snack of cheese, crackers and salami and we headed to Artisans of Barossa, fantastic food but the wines all too dry for me. Artisan of Barossa is a cellar door for three separate wineries that don’t have their own, sounds like a good idea and the building is beautiful but I am not a fan of the wine tasting. The chance of


View at lunch time, Artisans of Barossa

actually talking to a winemaker is non-existent here (this is why I prefer heading to small wineries there is a real chance of this happening and this is where I have learnt the most about wine). The food is worth the stop, good quality and not too expensive considering where it is and the outdoor area is also great if you have kids or just like to play games. There was bocce, hoop toss and cricket on a well-kept lawn with a view.


The last stop of the day was Tsharke Wines, where my favourite wine is from, the Grenache/Mataro – a stunning floral wine that tastes as beautiful as it smells. Their wines are very well priced at the cellar door and this is one of the wineries that you will often find the winemaker happy to chat with you about the wines and the building. The cellar door was shipped from Germany and erected here and it is beautiful, you can feel the love as it was built by hand by the winemaker and his family. A must stop for anyone who loves wine and loves a good price, starting at only $10 a bottle.

Wine Tasting tip : Always feel free to ask if they have anything else open, they may just have one of their premier wines open that day and the more interest you have shown at the tasting the more often they oblige


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