Hops, Hills and Hahndorf

What a better way to start than with a weekend that if every weekend was the same I would be totally happy.


Second falls at its peak 

A hike is one of my favourite (and at this stage, only) form of exercise. Every turn can give you another fantastic view and Morialta Conservation Park has some great views of Adelaide. We have had a few rains recently the waterfalls have started to fall. Car park to second falls, less than an hour round trip, is well worth the walk and the best of all three waterfalls is second waterfall.

Wineries were next on the list – what better to do on a budget than free wine tasting? Although It is no longer budget when the wine is so good you just have to buy a few bottles, which is what happened at Ten Miles East. A boutique winery at Norton Summit, which was not on the plan for the day but had the ‘open’ sign out and we just couldn’t resist. Ten Miles East has a small but diverse range of wines including Arneis (a favourite of mine especially from K1) a smooth and elegant white wine and Saperavi a red varietal I had not heard of before, but would most definitely love to see more of.


The artwork of one of the wines I bought – Ten Miles East Pinot Noir

Next stop was Mt Lofty Ranges Vineyard, a winery I had heard nothing about before rocking up. While all of their wines were nice, there were no stand-out wines that I just had to buy (a bit of a letdown coming from Ten Miles East where my partner and I loved every wine) but the service was great and the food coming out of the kitchen looked amazing. Just up the road (about a 5 minute drive) was Anderson Hill Winery, a stand out due to its beers. They produce two types that are well worth trying. A credit to the craft beer community and this addition means there is something for most people.

We topped this lovely day off with a cheese platter at Udder Delight, a bit pricey at $33 but both of us were full and the servings are quite a decent size. I find now to be the best time to visit Hahndorf with the street full of vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. It is so easy to while away the day walking down the main street, popping into the small stores and grabbing a coffee and a pie. It can be quite a cheap enjoyable day in the hills just be prepared for all the tourists as Hahndorf is one of Adelaide’s most spruiked destinations.

Small tip when wine tasting on the cheap : go with two or three friends to a few wineries and split the cost of the wine, this way you can spend only $20 – $30 on  a whole day out plus have your nights drinking sorted as well.


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